The Islamic Tsunami : Israel and America in the Age of Obama

Israel and America in the Age of Obama

With America’s Founding Fathers and the ancient but relevant biblical sources, David Rubin delivers a powerful and lucid battle plan for confronting the Islamic threat to our civilization; a bold strategy that will halt the Islamic tsunami once and for all.

» Learn why the rise of Obama has been so unsettling for the U.S. – Israel relationship.

» Examine the constantly evolving and often uneasy relationship between Christians and Jews with an eye on the future.

Author David Rubin uncovers the mask of Islam: a dangerous, violent ideology that strives for world domination through terrorism and through what Rubin calls “non-violent aggression.” Rubin reveals why Islamists choose terror over peace and explores Israel and America’s vital roles in combating the rampant spread of Islam.

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All net proceeds from this book will benefit Shiloh Israel Children's Fund.