Help A Child Suffering From The Trauma of a Terror Attack

When You Donate to the Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund

Terror attacks are a harsh reality that Israeli’s must live with, and the wounds they leave are both physical and emotional.

For children, the trauma of experiencing a terror attack can be crippling. Many need extensive therapy in order to put the trauma behind them and lead a normal life. But the extensive treatment needed can be expensive, and many Israeli children who are suffering cannot afford the help they desperately need.

David Rubin, the founder of the Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund, knows all too well the kind of trauma a terror attack can have on children. While driving with his 2 ear old son, his car was attacked by terrorists – riddling their car with bullets. Both David and his son sustained a bullet wound – and they both survived. Ever since, David has dedicated his life to helping children like his son, restoring their childhood innocence and letting them be children again.

For nearly twenty years since the attack, SICF has successfully helped hundreds of children receive therapy and has given them hope for a brighter future. Today, we ask you to join us in this special mission.

Will you partner with us and help us restore the innocence of youth to hundreds of suffering Israeli children?

By becoming a partner, you will help SICF provide ongoing therapy for as long as necessary for children in Israel victimized by terror, and give them a chance to lead a normal life.


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Shiloh Israel Children's Fund
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Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund: Association of Canada
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Radio Host Dennis Prager is asking for your help! Israeli children are suffering from deep psychological wounds inflicted by ongoing terrorism. Your support enables the Shiloh Israel Children's Fund to heal the trauma and to restore at least some of the lost innocence of childhood. Stand with the children today!