Your Eternal Legacy: Standing with the Children of Israel!

Dear Friends,

Our lives are short and many of us are privileged to enrich our lives by giving to the children of the biblical heartland, providing healing and restoration, thereby building the next generation. But what happens when our time comes to move on?

By remembering Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund in your will, you will ensure that your legacy of giving will continue to have a lasting impact for the future generations of children in Israel.

If you choose to include us in your will, please feel free to notify us that you have decided to make this wonderful commitment to the children. Of course, you should consult a qualified lawyer regarding the legal process, but if you need further information, we will be happy to assist!

Most importantly, we pray that you will be blessed with a long and healthy life!

To discuss this with us, confidentially of course, please write to Tova at or call her at 561-277-2736.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Blessings and Shalom,

The SICF Eternal Legacy Team

Remember us
in your will