Bar / Bat Mitzvahs

David and Lisa Rubin are happy to organize meaningful Bar and Bat Mitzvah programs for your children in the hills of Shiloh, the first capital of ancient Israel.

Bar Mitzvah: In the Footsteps of Shmuel HaNavi (Samuel the Prophet)

Samuel the Prophet, born as a result of his mother Hannah’s prayers in Shiloh, grew up in Shiloh, serving the Lord in the temple. Just as Samuel reached Jewish manhood in Shiloh, your son can have a meaningful Bar Mitzvah experience in Shiloh. This experience in the heart of the Land of Israel can be filmed and blended with the Bar Mitzvah reception back home for family and friends.

Bat Mitzvah: Walking in the Path of Hannah

Hannah was a powerful symbol of both Jewish assertiveness and modesty. She came to the temple in Shiloh to pray for a son and her prayers were answered. She prayed silently with her lips moving, and the High Priest Eli reprimanded her for being drunk. She calmly rejected his mistaken accusations, declaring that if her wish were granted, she would bring her son to the temple to serve God there for all of his days.

Highlights of Your Event

» Tour the archaeological site of Tel Shiloh, where Joshua set up the tabernacle, where it stood for 369 years, and where Hannah prayed for the son that was eventually born, Samuel, who grew up into maturity in Shiloh.

» Film the Bar Mitzvah boy’s Dvar Torah in the same hills where Samuel the Prophet grew up into maturity, or film the Bat Mitzvah girl’s Dvar Torah in the same vineyards where the young maidens of Shiloh danced in their white dresses on Tu B’Av.

» Visit the schools and/or the child development center to see what the Jewish pioneers are accomplishing against all odds to build for the next generation in the Biblical heartland of Israel.

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