God, Israel & Shiloh : Returning to the Land

From the Heartland of the Bible ...

A gripping biblical and historical saga about the Land of Israel and the Jewish people, God, Israel, and Shiloh is a book about faith and struggle, set in Shiloh in the midst of Israel's biblical heartland.

» Gain a new understanding of the religious and political perspectives of the Jewish people living in the biblical heartland of Israel.

» Learn the truth about the people who are often referred to as "the chosen people."

» Discover why Israel is a nation struggling with its destiny to be "a light unto the nations."

Author David Rubin writes about the heroic families living in and rebuilding the biblical heartland of Israel despite the obstacles in their path - and he relates his incredible personal story of miraculous survival from the bullets of terrorism.

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All net proceeds from this book will benefit Shiloh Israel Children's Fund.