Our Mission

Israel is under attack, surrounded by enemies, and the most vulnerable live in the heartland of Israel. Israelis who want to live in peace in their homeland often have to pay a heavy price due to terror. The Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund was created to enable healing and the easing of trauma from terrorism in children, so that they can grow into adulthood with a bright future. Through our work, we are also rebuilding the biblical heartland of Israel through the resilience of these children and our community.

Our Vision

The vision of the Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund is to enable generations of children not to be victims. Our deepest trauma can either define us or refine us into who we are supposed to be. These children cannot find healing alone; they need our help to work through the pain into restoration. The children of Israel are called to be a light unto the nations, and we work tirelessly to spread peace and harmony in the biblical heartland of Israel.