On December 17, 2001, David Rubin and his then 3-year-old son Ruby were driving home from Jerusalem when a hail of terrorists’ bullets struck their car.

“The car went totally dead,” David recalls. “We were rolling down the road. I turned the ignition, and it didn’t start – and they were still shooting! I turned around to look at my 3-year old, who was sitting in the baby seat behind me, and I noticed that his eyes were open and he was breathing. He looked like he was trying to cry, but no sounds could come out of his mouth.”

With blood gushing from his leg, David realized he was not the only one in the car who was wounded. A bullet from a Kalashnikov assault rifle had cut through the back of Ruby’s neck, coming within a millimeter of killing him on the spot.

Miraculously, the car finally started – and David somehow managed to rush himself and his son to a hospital.

After two years of operations, post-trauma therapy, and doctors’ visits that healed both him and his son, David began delivering his heartrending testimony to people around the world – spreading the truth about what’s really happening in the Land of Israel and encouraging others to give the children of Israel a brighter future.